Sex And Love Personal Essay Intensive

Emily and Melissa are getting married! (To other people, not to each other.) And they’re using their impending nuptials as an excuse to run a special LOVE and SEX themed personal essay intensive. 

Do you have stories to tell in the realm of love, relationships, sex, sexuality, weddings, marriage, divorce, cheating, dating, breaking up, the single life, etc.? This weekend workshop will teach you the skills you need to successfully craft and publish your sex and love essays. We will teach you how to express your unique viewpoint in an authentic voice that engages readers, how to successfully pitch your story, and how to get published. 

We are both professional writers who have made a living from writing about our vaginas, among other things.

Melissa is: Melissa Petro, a freelance writer and writing instructor living in NYC. Her work has appeared in Marie Claire, NY Magazine, Pacific Standard Magazine, New Inquiry, Cosmopolitan, Guardian, Daily Dot, Jezebel, The Establishment and many other places. She currently has a weekly column on Ravishly all about being engaged. 

Emily is: Emily McCombs, a writer, editor, digital consultant and chronic oversharer. Her 10-year career in digital media has included serving as Executive Editor at Elite Daily and She has written for dozens of publications including BUST Magazine, Marie Claire, Ravishly, Elle, Shape, Maxim,, The, Maxim, The Washington Post, VICE and more. She has also assigned and edited countless personal essays.

Workshop Info:

Aug 13, from 10am-5pm and Aug 14, from 12pm-4pm.

$325 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Writers of all experience levels welcome.

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